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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get pricing information for bridal makeup services?

A: Every bride has different needs. You can download our rates here.

Q: Do you offer on-locations services for special events or just weddings?

A: Yes, I offer makeup services for any special event, and will travel to you with a minimum of 2 or more people.

Q: How far in advance should I book a service?

A: The sooner you know your date, the better. I can't hold a date without a signed Client Service Agreement and retainer fee.

I often take bookings for events up to a year in advance.

Q: Do I have to sign the Client Service Agreement for the makeup services?

A: Yes. The Client Service Agreement protects both you and me. It outlines exactly what our obligations are to one another as artist 

and client. This avoids any misunderstandings and confusion. No Terms and Conditions signed = No services guaranteed.

Q: What type of makeup do you use?

A: I carry a variety of professional and luxury brands. Most of the products in my kit are paraben-free, hypo-allergenic, and are 

suitable for sensitive skin.

Have an allergy? Please let me know.

Q: Are you available to do a variety of skin tones?

A: Absolutely! I am professionally trained and have a makeup kit that can be used on every skin tone. I'll never ask you to bring your

own foundation (unless you have a specific allergy). I have you covered.

Q: Are you able to cover blemishes/skin issues?

A: The simple answer is yes. However, blemishes are often raised skin, and raised skin texture can still be noticeable even with coverage.

I can take out the redness and discoloration, but can't really "flatten" or change the texture of the skin.

Q: What should I wear to my makeup service?

A: Please wear a button shirt or a top with a wide neck, so that you don't have any issues with damaging makeup/hair when you are changing 

into your wedding or special occasion outfit.

Q: Are you able to cover tattoos?

A: Yes! I am an expert in tattoo camouflage and waterproofing your tattoo. If you have a tattoo that needs to be covered, please email

me a couple photos of the tattoo you would like to cover and I can quote you accordingly. Please note, that proper tattoo camouflage

can take as much time as an entire face, sometimes longer if the area you want to be covered is large. Tattoo camouflage starts at 

$40 and up.

Q: What if I'm not getting married, how long does it take for a makeup service?

A: Standard makeup application takes about an hour. Please factor this into your timing. I advise allowing a small buffer of time just in

case something doesn't go as planned.

Q: What happens in a preview design appointment?

A: During your preview design appointment, we'll work together to design the perfect makeup look for your big day. I will do a full makeup 

application including airbrush makeup, false eyelashes and a custom blended lip. This is the perfect day for us to design the perfect look and 

adjust colors to fulfill your makeup vision. We'll also discuss coordinating makeup looks for your wedding party.

Q: How long is a preview design appointment?


A: Between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Q: Do you offer same sex wedding makeup?

A: Absolutely! You will find some photos on my wedding & bridal portfolio pages.

Q: Do you also offer hair services?

A: No, unfortunately, my specialty is makeup. I do work with many fabulous hairstylists that I'm happy to recommend.

Q: Do you provide false lashes?

A: Yes, I provide false eyelashes, they are already included in your pricing.

Q: Can I bring my own false lashes?

A: For hygienic reasons, we won't apply false lashes that have been used previously (even if they have been worn by you), as they may have 

been cut too short, or aren't the quality we are used to dealing with and may ruin the overall look of the makeup we have created on you.



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